The following information is provided as a snapshot of what living and working at Thule Air Base is like. Thule Air Base is the northernmost US military installation in the world making it a unique place to live and work.


The types of job opportunities available at Thule are numerous as all services needed to make a small community function are present at Thule.


Greenland Contractors offers a wide variety of educational opportunities from vocational training programs to apprenticeships.

Life at Thule

A multicultural and exciting experience is bound to be had while working and living at Thule Air Base - thousands of miles away from home.


Greenland Contractors (GC) is responsible for the daily operations and maintenance of Thule Air Base which is located in the northwestern region of Greenland. The services provided by GC include an airport, fire department, community activity center, fitness and sports center, restaurant, and the list goes on.